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Manage users and permissions in the Administrator > Groups tab

The Administrator > Groups tab defines Datacap user groups and the permissions that are assigned to each group. Individual users that are assigned to a group inherit the group permissions.

Important: The settings that a user inherits through group membership are not displayed on the Users tab. For example, you can enable Datacap Web Client for the group and then look at the privileges for a member of the group. The Datacap Web Client option might not be checked, but the user can still access Datacap Web Client. For individual users, you can add permissions to those permissions that are inherited from the group, but you cannot take away inherited permissions. Also, all users are automatically assigned to a default group called Everyone. You cannot remove this group, but you can remove individual users from the group.


To create a group, click New. Datacap opens the Selected group details pane where you can specify the options for the group that includes the following options.
  • Privileges: Define the tabs that users in this group can access, and the rights each user can perform on a tab, such as delete a batch, change a status, and enable logging.
  • Permissions: Define the tasks that users in this group can complete.
  • Users: Define the users in the group


Click Copy to make a copy of the selected group. Datacap names the copied group Copy of <group>. You can change the name and details in the Selected group details pane.


Click Remove to remove the selected group. You cannot remove the default group, Everyone.

Group list

The group list displays the ID and description of each group. To change the ID, description, password, or access privileges of a group, select the account and enter the changes in the Selected group details pane.

Selected group details

Select a group to open the Selected group details pane, and use these options to change the settings for the selected group. Click Save group to save any changes.

Specifies the group name.
Specifies the group description.
The Privileges section shows various Datacap functions. Select the functions that members of this group are allowed to access. Changes take effect the next time a user logs on. Privileges that are inherited through group membership are not displayed.
For details on the individual options, see the User tab help page.
The Permissions section shows all of the jobs and tasks that are defined on the Workflow tab and determines which shortcuts are available to group members on the Operations tab. Select the tasks that members of this group are allowed to run. Permissions that are inherited through group membership are not displayed.
Users in group
This section shows Datacap users that you can add or remove from the group.

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