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Route Quality Assurance jobs in the Administrator > QA tab

A Quality Assurance (QA) job intercepts every n batch that is processed by members of a specific group through a specific task, then routes it to the designated QA job. For example, you might decide to intercept every 10th batch that is verified by members of the Operators group and send it to a special supervisor job.


To add a QA job, click New. Datacap opens the Selected QA job details pane where you can specify the options for the QA job. Click Save after you enter details for the new QA job.


Click Remove to remove the selected QA job.

Station list

Displays all defined QA jobs. To modify a job, select the job and enter the changes in the Selected QA job details pane.

Selected QA job details

Used to modify the selected job. Click Save to save the changes.

Group checked
Select the group to which this QA job applies.
Job.Task pulled
Select the task to monitor.
QA Job
Select the job to which you want to send QA batches.
Enter the frequency of batches for running the QA job. Entering 10 indicates that every 10th batch is routed to the QA job.

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