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Define shortcuts displayed on the Administrator > Shortcuts tab

This tab defines the shortcuts that are displayed on the Operations > Run Shortcut tab.


To add a shortcut, click New. Datacap opens the Selected shortcut details pane where you can specify the options for the shortcut.


Click Copy to make a copy of the selected shortcut. Datacap names the copied shortcut Copy of <shortcut>. You can change the name and details in the Selected shortcut details pane.


Click Remove to the selected shortcut.

Shortcut list

The shortcut list displays the ID and description of each shortcut that is defined for the current application. To change the ID, description, or any settings for the shortcut, select the shortcut and enter the changes in the Selected shortcut details pane.

Selected shortcut details

Used to change the settings for the selected shortcut. Click Save to save the settings.

Displays the shortcut name.
Displays the shortcut description that is shown on the Operations tab. Enter a description that tells an operator about the task that is associated with the shortcut.
The Mode determines the Datacap behavior when an operator runs the shortcut:
  • Prompt/Web select: Datacap opens the highest priority job that is pending in the queue. Datacap does not open any job on hold, even if there are no pending batches.
  • Auto: Same as Prompt/Web select.
  • Manual: Datacap displays the job queue so the operator can select a batch that is pending or on hold.
  • Manual for Hold: If there are batches on hold, Datacap displays the job queue with the jobs that are on hold. If there are no jobs on hold, Datacap opens the highest priority batch that is pending in the queue.

The Mode setting does not apply to batch creation tasks, such as Scan or VScan.

The Permissions section shows all of the jobs and tasks that are defined on the Workflow tab. Select the tasks that apply to this shortcut.
When an operator runs the shortcut, Datacap checks the job queue for batches that are ready for processing by any of the selected tasks. For example, the application has a Main Job and a Web Job, each with a Verify task. When you select both of the Verify tasks (one in the Main Job and one in the Web Job), the operator can verify batches that are started from either job.

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