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Define user accounts with the Administrator > Users tab

The Administrator > Users tab defines the user accounts that are associated with the application.


To create a user, click New. Datacap opens the Selected user details pane where you can specify the options for the user.


Click Copy to make a copy of the selected user. Datacap names the copied user Copy of <user>. You can change the name and details in the Selected user details pane.


Click Remove to remove the selected user account.

ID list

The user list displays the ID and description of each user account. To change the ID, description, password, or access privileges of an account, select the account and enter the changes in the Selected user details pane.

Selected user details

Select a user to open the Selected user details pane, and use these options to change the settings for the selected user account. Click Save user to save any changes.

Displays the account ID.
Displays the account description.
New password and Retype password
Set or reset the account password.
Select the functions that this user ID is allowed to access. Changes take effect the next time the user logs on.
Attention: Do not clear any options for the default admin account. If you do, the options become disabled for all users. You cannot re-enable the options through the Datacap Web Client interface. If you need to re-enable disabled settings, contact IBM Software Support for assistance.
Table 1. Datacap functions and descriptions.
Category Item Description
 Job Monitor Job Monitor Enables the Monitor tab.
 Job Monitor More than one Job Monitor Enables opening more Job Monitors in separate web browsers.
 Job Monitor Delete batch(es) Enables Delete Batch in the Selected batch details window.
 Job Monitor Status change/Rollback Enables the Status and Task ID fields in the "Selected batch details" window.
 Job Monitor Priority/Operator change Enables the Operator, Station, and Priority fields in the Selected batch details window.
 Job Monitor Batch attributes change Enables the Batch and Page fields in the Selected batch details window.
 Job Monitor Job attributes change Enables the Job, Job start, and Job time fields in the Selected batch details window.
 Job Monitor Save layout/Set filter Enables the user to save changes to the layout of the Datacap Web Client Job Monitor window.
Administrator Workflow Enables the Administrator > Workflow tab.
Administrator User groups Enables the Administrator > Groups tab.
Administrator Users Enables the Administrator > Users tab.
 Administrator Change passwords Enables the Reset Password fields on the Users tab. (Password reset is always available for the logged on user.)
 Administrator Stations Enables the Administrator > Stations tab.
Administrator Shortcuts Enables the Administrator > Shortcuts tab.
 Administrator QA Enables the Administrator > QA tab.
Station/Web Monitor Station/Web Monitor Enables the Monitor > Station Monitor and Web Monitor subtabs.
Communications Remote administration Enables users to view the Administrator tab.
Client(s) Report Viewer Enables the user to access Report Viewer Reports.
Client(s) Datacap Web Enables the user to log on to the Datacap Web Client.
Client(s) Datacap Studio Enables the user to open applications in Datacap Studio.
This section shows all of the jobs and tasks that are defined on the Workflow tab. You can select the shortcuts that are available to the user on the Operations tab. Select the tasks that this user is allowed to run.

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